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We currently offer three session per week:

  Topic Specific Career / Branding Salesforce Technology

5:30PM - 6:30PM Eastern

5PM - 6PM Eastern

12PM - 1PM Eastern


Jade Leong
Lead Demo Architect

David Nava
Lead Solution Engineer

Bill Kuehler
Resource Hero


A live informal forum for Military Trailblazers to 1) Network; 2) Get quick questions answered round-robin style; and 3) Cover a specific topic.

1) Network: Connect & Celebrate & Appreciate

2) Quick Questions: Take a min to ask your question. THESE SESSIONS WILL NOT be recorded so that you can ask and speak freely (""at ease"").

3) Specific topic: Cover a different topic every week.

Here to help and support Bill Kuehler, David Nava, and be another resource.

A live forum to gather with your fellow Military Trailblazers and discuss alternate career paths within the Salesforce ecosystem, best practices for studying for and passing certification exams, strategies for strengthening your personal brand and marketing yourself on social media to enhance your Salesforce career; etc. 

The Salesforce ecosystem is vast. Navigating its intricacies can sometimes feel overwhelming. This informal get-together is designed to help you leverage the Trailblazer Community to achieve your professional development and career-related goals.

A live forum for those that are new to Salesforce development or administration to ask questions, get feedback, get help on a project or challenge at work, get assistance on completing a superbadge or, worse case, just chat with other Military Trailblazer’s while working through the trailhead modules for your next certification.

Besides answering questions and providing help where we can, we'll also walk through live demonstrations on how to address common admin use cases while utilizing declarative tools like custom objects, formula fields, Flow, Process Builder, etc.

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